Range of Services

With Outdoor and Sports topics, James Heath knows his way around. His active enthusiasm for outdoor sports results in an extraordinary practicality.

Copywriting: Clear, concise and to the point

Translation: Thorough and effective

Proofreading: stylistic revision of texts, proofreading, end lecturing, correction of proofs, as well as the control of multimedia productions

Website localization: optimization, translation and customization

James does not say he can do it all – he only offers English and German (and occasionally some French). If he can not do something, he admits it. However, he works with a network of freelancers or partner agencies offering further services in the area of ​​”Language Technology Consulting” (translation management, use of language technology, CMS for websites, translation process optimization and terminology management) and in the area of ​​”public relations” ( Editorial staff, text, photography, media, corporate publishing, social media marketing and events).