James has been working as a copywriter and translator, both in-house and freelance for over 15 years.

Born 1972 in Bristol, a west-country lad at heart, his qualifications include a B.A. in German & French from the University of Southampton and an M.A. in Translation from the University of Sheffield. Following a variety of positions in South Yorkshire, Lower Bavaria and Languedoc, James moved to Hamburg. After working in-house at XING AG and for the Airbus Deutschland Translation Service, he went freelance and has been happy ever since. James now lives and works in Schleswig-Holstein. In his spare time he generally swims in lakes, runs in woods and climbs on rocks.

James works from German and French into English and specialises in climbing and mountaineering copy and translation.

He has a good feel for marketing copy and journalistic texts, i.e. projects that require a feel for language, where the finished text reads like an original, not like a translation. Product descriptions and catalogue texts also form a large part of his day-to-day business. James is the kind of copywriter and translator who enjoys face-to-face contact with clients, understands who is going to read a text, likes to know his clients’ business inside-out, researches carefully and asks lots of questions.

Through his membership of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting and Assoziierte Dolmetscher und Übersetzer in Norddeutschland, James works in cooperation within a network of colleagues, all with their own fields of expertise.